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Steering Committee

  • Valerie Harris

    Sandhills Community Collaborative President (Custer County)

  • Belinda Schroder

    Professional Partner, Region 3 Behavioral Services; SCC Health/Mental Health Work Group Co-Lead (Loup County)

  • Andra White

    Central Plains Center for Services, Deputy Director, Youth Program Director; School Age/Transitional Youth Work Group Co-Lead (Custer County)

  • Jaci Walrath

    Program Director/School Educator Sherman County Prevention Coalition; SCC School Age/Transitional Youth Work Group Co-Lead (Sherman County)

  • Dulcie Chaffin

    Early Development Network; SCC Early Childhood Work Group Co-Lead (Garfield County)

  • Tami Schendt

    County Judge (Custer County)

  • Justy Nelson

    Child and Family Services Supervisor, DHHS (Custer County)

  • Nate Olson

    Probation/Problem Solving Court (Custer County)

  • Michaela Schweitzer

    Sixpence Supervisor, Broken Bow Schools (Custer County)

  • Ann Holley

    Central Valley School Social Worker (Greeley County)

  • Mindy Conner

    Guidance Counselor, Arcadia Public Schools (Valley County)

  • Nicole Jacobsen

    Sandhills Community Collaborative, Coordinator

  • Lori Lambrecht

    Sandhills Community Collaborative, Central Navigator

  • Melissa Crawford

    4 County Kids Coordinator

  • Tiffany Foley

    Family Outreach Case Manager, CNCAP

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